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Baby Spinky Bubble

Role: Animator & Graphic Designer

Moomin Language School

Role: Lead Illustrator & Spine Animator


Role: Animator and Graphic Designer

5 Little Ducks Nursery Rhymes

Role: Visual Development Artist

Cranky Crabby's Hissy Fit

Role: Project Leader

Wheely, Fast & Hilarious

Role: Preproduction Artist/ Visual Development Artist

Nuri Series

Role: Storyboard Artist and Visual Development.


Role: Visual Development Artist

Busy Bodies Episode 10

Role: Animator

Lolirock Series

Role: Background Artist

Franklin and Friends

Storyboard Artist and Texture Artist

Tumblin' Terracotta

Creative Director

Thunder, Junior Park Ranger

Role: Illustrator

Thunder in Acadia: Junior Park Range

Role: Illustrator

Ambrose and the Mermaid

Role: Illustrator

My Little Animal Book

Role: Illustrator

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